Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – Book Review

Awww, I really enjoyed this book. Maybe because it was almost exactly what I thought it would be. It was fun, cute, endearing, a little sad, dramatic, and the main character was written with my kind of silly humor which resulted in many an awkward LOL moment on public transit. And maybe I have a special place for this book because it reminds me of Sloppy Firsts which was a favourite of mine in high school… when I could actually relate better to being in high school.

I did get tired of her mentioning just how beautiful St. Clair was and how amazing his hair was. But maybe it’s because I can’t relate to that. My man forgot to put the attachment onto his clippers and accidentally shaved off part of his hair the other day. I still love him so I obviously have very low hair standards.

Speaking of love… It was a little frustrating at just how dense she was when it came to St. Clair – of course he loves her!! And the ending was a little too sappy for me as it all turns up roses for a couple of kids who have just graduated high school. I personally prefer my YA romances to end a little more ambiguously because how many couples really stay together after high school? You know, they can be together but none of this “forever” crap, it should just end in the moment and the reader can hope for the best.

Overall, I really liked it, 4/5 stars for me.

When you’re reading a book and think maybe you’re crazy for hating it…

I’ve been reading Emily Giffin books for ages (did anyone else think it was GRiffin??) I loved Something Borrowed and Something Blue, Baby Proof and Love The One You’re With were enjoyable reads, and I did not at all like Heart of the Matter. So when Where We Belong was released, I wasn’t in any big rush to read it but I had it on hold at the library and it came in about a month after being released.

Now, I love Goodreads. It’s great for organizing all the books I’ve read, own, and want to read (yes, I was that person who scribbled book titles onto random scraps of paper and then had to google things like “let the northern lights erase your name” to remember what it was for.) It’s also great for reading reviews. The default sorting system of reviews is described as this:

The default sorting algorithm on Goodreads uses a variety of factors to determine the most interesting reviews. The recipe for our special sauce is a closely guarded trade secret, but the ingredients are: length of the review, number of people who liked it, recency of the review, popularity of the reviewer (i.e. number of people who have liked reviews by that person across all books).

Whatever that algorithm is, it works. Despite the high rating of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (4.06), the first review gave it 1 star and had I looked at and read that review, I might have saved myself  870 pages of “omg I hate myself for reading this.”

Back to Where We Belong… As I was reading and not really liking it, I kept checking Goodreads reviews to see if I was crazy for not liking this book. All the reviews were really good so I kept going and finally when I got to the end and still hated the book, I thought no way was this book that good, I can’t possibly be the only person who did not like it. So I went through a ton of reviews and only a handful were negative. Weird, but whatever, maybe I was being hyper critical?

Jump ahead three months and the first handful of reviews are still very positive but there’s now a fair amount of 1-3 starred reviews on the first page. Thank god.

Really, this a long winded post saying that you should give Goodreads reviewers time to read the book. Probably the first people reading and reviewing the book are eager Emily Giffin lovers and will be giving it a positive review.  Go figure.

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