Probably My Last Cora Carmack Book…

Finding It by Cora Carmack



Cutesy nicknames?

Immature main character?

All present and accounted for.

As it turns out, I’m just not interested in watching a spoiled white girl drink and sleep her way through Europe. I’m actually surprised at this because I generally like characters who aren’t afraid of their sexuality and aren’t afraid of casual sex. But it all felt really shallow and superficial. I never felt any depth from Kelsey and I couldn’t work up any sympathy for her at all. From reading reviews apparently she’s been through some tough shit but I never would have guessed that since the first quarter of the book just makes it seem like she’s killing time and money until she has an epiphany about life. I finally called it quits when Hunt started calling her “Princess” and things started getting a little too melodramatic.

I thought I really enjoyed Cora Carmack, but now I think that Faking It was just a one off. Since the elibrary likes to get books out of order, I started with Faking It and loved it! The characters were refreshing – bad girl meets good boy – and the chemistry between them jumped off the page. But then I read Losing It and felt very meh about it. And now having not even finished Finding It, I’m not sure that I’d try anything else by this author again. Not my cup of tea apparently.

Next up, The Bride Wore Size 12. Think I can get past the first 25% of a book? We’ll see!

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