Book 19 & 20: Pivot Point & Split Second

Book: Pivot Point (reread) and Split Second by Kasie West
Source:  Borrowed ebook & borrowed library book
Goal Progress: 19 & 20/50 books, 2/12 from my shelf
Rating: 4/5 & 3/5

I loved Pivot Point. I remember the first time that I read it, I stayed up all night trying to finish it and definitely shed a few tears towards the end, which at the time, I attributed to sleep deprivation. But having read it again, I’m surprised to say that I was equally as affected by this story. The writing is so effortless and easy to read, but when you really think about all the elements of the story that had to come together to make this work, it’s actually quite impressive.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy Split Second as much. It just didn’t hold the same suspense and Laila’s chapters just got in the way of reading more about Addie and Trevor. Admittedly, Connor was pretty swoon worthy. I just hated that Laila went around erasing everyone’s memories! Oh, my flirting attempts didn’t go as planned? No problem, I’ll just take away the last five minutes of his life. Not okay! For some reason, all I could think about was how invasive all that was.

I should also note that the reason why I reread Pivot Point was because I was totally lost within the first few chapters of Split Second. A little more of a recap would have been nice.


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