Book 70 & 71: In focus 1 & 2

Book: Trust the Focus and Focus On Me by Megan Erickson
Source: Bought to read
Goal Progress: 70, 71/100 books , 14/12 books I already own
Rating: 3.5/5, 3/5

I’m pretty conflicted on these books. I really wanted to like them, but they felt a little bit flat to me. Too much drama, maybe?  I especially lost interest at the end of Focus on Me. I liked Colin at the beginning but I thought he got a little bit to…. needy? dependent? on his relationship with “Catwalk,” a nickname I despised. Though, most of the nicknames drove me crazy in this book. I think maybe a little bit of extra editing could have done wonders for these books. Despite that, they were still overall enjoyable and I will keep reading more.

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