Book 101: Laid Bare

Book: Laid Bare by Lauren Dane
Source: borrowed ebook from library
Goal Progress: 101/100 books , 14/12 books I already own
Rating: 3/5

I had started another Lauren Dane book which wasn’t all that good so I tried this one instead. I really liked the first part of this book, I thought the characters were engaging and interesting and had tons of chemistry. I liked that when they got back together, there wasn’t a lot of drama about it, they just did it. I didn’t love all the extra drama that was included, the thing with the friend, the hearing, etc, I thought there was enough stuff already going on especially given they had to deal with the families given their living situation. The writing sometimes felt a little bit stilted, but was far better than the other book of hers I was reading. And quite frankly, I didn’t need Ben in the picture at all. As a friend, sure, but more than that… I  didn’t care for it. However, the book overall was enjoyable and I’ll take a stab at the next one.


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