Book 102: The Mistake

Book: The Mistake by Elle Kennedy
Source: bought to read
Goal Progress: 102/100 books , 14/12 books I already own
Rating: 5/5

Dare I say 5 stars? I LOVED this. I was a little unsure at the beginning and I had a hard time remembered what happened in The Deal, I kept confusing it with The Fifteenth Minute by Sarina Bowen. And they both, annoyingly, write things like “my boyfriend said” or “my girlfriend said” instead of he/she said. Regardless…

The characters were spot on in this book, and surprisingly funny! They both brought a smile to my face when reading each of their POVs. And I LOVED the dialog. Not that I am in any way an authority of the authenticity of male conversation, but I thought Elle Kennedy got it so right in this book. It was the right blend of humour, vulgarity, and maleness. The pacing was great, the book didn’t fall flat at the end for me like so many NA romances do. There was the right amount of drama about the right thing, at the right time.

And I almost never quote books, but had I not been reading this on an ereader, I probably would have actually book marked pages for quotes. Some great examples here. I’ve also just decided that I have a type, charismatic playboy haha.

I went back and re-read The Deal since I wasn’t as enamored with it and I thought maybe I was too hard on it the first time around. I wasn’t. It’s still a solid 3 stars, especially in comparison to this one. First of all, this book had much more interaction with the rest of the guys in the house and I loved their banter. I also preferred Logan’s voice to Garrett’s. And I like that the drama was just average teen drama, not about a girl was broken and has to put herself back together again. Which is fine, but it’s not as relateable to me.

Hopefully the next one is just as good because I am definitely buying it.

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