Book 8: Made for You

Book: Made for You by Lauren Layne
Goal: 8
Rating: 3/5… maybe 3.5

On one hand, I really really enjoyed this. On the other hand, it felt really superficial. I think I love this trope simply because it’s a legit reason for what would otherwise be instalove (even though it was kinda instalove at 15). But I wanted something a little bit more out of their relationship. I thought it was a little ridiculous of Will to just storm off after telling her he’s been in love with her for years and barely giving her a chance to think about it. Brynn was just a little too snobby for my taste, why wouldn’t you know what he does for a living?  And why did it take them 15 years to get to this point!? Anyway… I still really liked it. And I’m inclined to go back and read the first book in this series even though I already read the first chapter and decided to give it a pass. haha.

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