Book 14: Broken

Book: Broken by Lauren Layne
Goal: 14
Rating: 2/5

Had this not been a Lauren Layne book, I probably would have given up on it pretty quickly. It has all the tropes that I hate about new adult novels. First person present tense. POV switching. Hottest-guy-ever-with-a-troubled-past. Instalove, etc, etc.

And I generally don’t mind reading about FWPs from rich white people but come on. This was a little ridiculous. Get some perspective, girl. You’re bummed that you kissed some guy once and can’t deal so you move to Maine? That is especially no comparison to what Paul is going through. Also, a guy going from a shattered leg to running just fine in 3 months? The whole thing felt fake and forced.

Makes Falling From the Sky feel like a 5 star read.


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