Book 15 & 16: Captive Prince Vol 1 & 2

Book: Captive Prince 1 & 2 by C.S. Pacat
Goal: 15, 16
Rating: 2.5/5, 4/5

I was completely uncharmed by the first book and only the glowing reviews made me even want to pick up the second and am I ever glad that I did. Even after the first chapter, I felt there was a huge improvement in the writing style and I couldn’t put it down. Laurent/Damen had the best conversations, so much so I would go back and reread parts just to relish in the greatness of it all. I loved them so much that while the sexual tension was palpable, I would have been just as happy to watch a bromance unfold.  I don’t read much, or any, of this kind of genre (historical fantasy) so I found parts were a little hard for me to follow. Though, this improved greatly in the 2nd book which I thought had a much more contemporary feel to it. Not only do I want to pick up the third book ASAP (though no way am I paying $10.99 for it online) I want to go back and read the second book all over again.

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