Book 18: The Hurricane

Book: The Hurricane by RJ Prescott
Goal: 18
Rating: 0/5

And thank god that’s over. This book felt like it was never ending, I had about 50% left and the one event that I thought was going to happen ended up taking up like one chapter towards the end. There was zero plot, which is sometimes fine if the characters/relationship/banter are enough to keep you going, but since this book was full of confusing characters and instalove/obsession, it was really hard to stay interested. The writing was also pretty unbearable for me, but I think Prescott has some potential. I wasn’t a fan of either of the characters, I thought O’Connell was too controlling and obsessive and I can’t for the life of me figure out how those were a attractive attributes. I actually didn’t find anything about him attractive at all and tired quickly of Em always telling us how every single girl ever was fawning over him. Em was super boring and I did not understand her progression as a character, I feel like her thoughts just jumped all over the place. One second she was going about her day and then it was like oops, I forgot, I’m supposed to be screwed up, let me just talk about that for a second. Which isn’t to say that’s not a valid thought process, it’s more a comment on how it was written into the story. I regret spending any money at all on this (even though it was dirt cheap) and had I not bought it, I would have given up on it a long time ago (and would have been happier for it!). Thoughts echoed here, especially about the spoilers.


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