Book 33: The Naturals

Book: The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Goal: 33
Rating: 3.5/4

You know what I like about JLB books? They’re surprisingly realistic. You know, for books about crime fighting teens that is.  One minute, I’m thinking, why on earth would the FBI be trying to poach children and the next minute she gives you a reasonable explanation. Because “natural aptitudes… peak in the teen years. Formal education, college, the wrong influences, could all interfere with the incredible raw potential you have now.” Well, ok then. I’ll accept that.

I didn’t find the Naturals quite as engaging as The Fixer. It was good, and enjoyable, but I thought there was too much focus on the love triangle. I also didn’t care about the supporting characters quite as much as I did in the Fixer. I think Sloan is adorable but I also wasn’t as curious about her backstory as I was about Emilia.

A note on The Fixer: It’s like the author read this review of the Naturals and “fixed” (haha) all the issues in her next series. Insta love/love triangle? Gone. More fleshed out side characters? Yes. Excellent mystery? Still present. More day to day stuff? Yes! In this case, school instead of training.

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