Book 35: Killer Instinct

Book: Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Goal: 35
Rating: 4/5

There’s so many things to like about this book. First, I loved how affected Cassie was about the events of book 1. Super realistic (I would guess.) I love the mystery in the book. I knew from reading two other JLB books I wouldn’t be able to guess who the real killer was and of course I wasn’t able to. The ending was so engaging I stayed up late just to finish the book. Agent Sterling really grew on me, I’m glad she’ll be around in the next book and I thought her relationship with Dean was really interesting. Actually, I thought her relationship with everyone was really interesting.

I’m really mixed on the love triangle, I feel like it took up too much of the book. And I’m mixed on who to pick! On one hand, I really like Michael, on the other, I really like the connection that she has with Dean. Dean always reassuring her with a hand on her neck. The fact that they just instinctively know the other person instead of Cassie always just guessing about Michael is feeling. Out of the two, Dean is surprisingly more open with her. With everything except for his feeling about her! And I read through the passage where Michael asks if she would have picked him if he had shown up and I think Cassie doesn’t know either. But more to the point, Michael didn’t show up, Dean did. Dean was the one who thought to put himself in the car, not Michael, so I feel like it was a fair win. I feel like these relationships are too mature though, especially the things that Michael has been saying to Cassie. It’s very respectable of him but these are 16 year old kids, and as advanced as their instincts are, I’m not as sold on the fact that their emotional capacity has advanced so much. I wanted him to be a little more selfish.

I still want to see more of Sloane, I feel  like we know very little about her. She’s almost like an afterthought. Which was especially evident when they didn’t take her to the university with them. Hopefully she’s more of a star in the next book since they’ll be in Vegas.

I was going to rate this a 3.5 but I’ve decided to fully round up to a 4 on account of this being a step up from The Naturals.

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