Book 37: Girl Against the Universe

Book: Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes
Goal: 37
Rating: 4/5

I have to say, Paula Stokes writing has made a huge improvement from Art of Lainey. I thought her first person, present sense POV was flawless. And I couldn’t believe how light hearted this book was considering the subject matter and I think that is a testament to Paula Stokes’s writing. Aside from that, I also enjoyed the rest of the book! Paula Stokes writes the most charming characters. I loved Maguire. And Jordy was the sweetest, I was glad that she didn’t recycle the mis-communication issues from Art of Lainey. I was little peeved that Jordy just gave up on Maguire after she turned him down but he quickly realized that that was dumb and did a 180. I thought it was sweet how open Jordy was with her, that he’d prefer that she just ask him about his past, and throughout the whole book when she was thinking about the girls he’d been with I was basically shouting at her to ask him about it. The scenes with Maguire’s step-dad were great. It was sweet to see how difficult of a time he was having trying to be her step-dad and how involved, or not involved, he should be.

Also, that cover.


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