Book 43: Undone

Book: Undone by Katey Wolfe (aka, Kelley Armstrong)
Goal: 43
Rating: 2/5

This started off well and then quickly went down hill. It didn’t feel quite up to par with KA’s usual writing. The love story got in the way of the rest of the story, Declan was running around trying to find Jess and all he was focused on was hit potential relationship. Pay attention, dude. Find her first and then start questioning her feelings for you. I wasn’t rooting for them as a couple at all and I thought their hookup/getting together felt a little abrupt and actually quite awkward. It was almost like instalove even though it wasn’t. I wish the story had more of a focus on the shooting, it takes place in like the first chapter and then all of a sudden, it’s like an afterthought. It feels like all the serious stuff in the book, including Declan’s brother and the cage fighting, turned into an afterthought. And it just got so silly towards the end.

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