Book 52: The Goal

Book: The Goal by Elle Kennedy
Goal: 52
Rating: 2/5

The last part of this book was probably a 0 star read but the first bit was decent…. So definitely not a glowing review. First of all, I think Kennedy did a huge disservice by spoiling the pregnancy in the last book. It meant I spent the entire first half of the book just waiting for it to happen and there was no suspense at all when she decided if she was going to keep the baby or not. Clearly, she does. The rest of the conflict between them felt like Kennedy was just checking off boxes and throwing in some drama. The stuff with her stepdad, the drama with Tuck’s mom, her Nana’s personality was all over the place. ¬†I’ve never had a baby but all of that just felt SO wrong. It took waaaaay too long for Sabrina to come around and finally commit to Tucker. I was hoping Tucker wouldn’t be as much of a player as everyone else in this book, only because it seems like an unoriginal story line at this point. How is is that everyone has had a threesome? This series has become a stereotypical college experience. I was pretty neutral on the first half of this book, and then it focused on the pregnancy/baby and just…No. It was awful and I almost stopped reading. I was tired of the pity party for Sabrina. I hardly think she would have looked like a crack addict walking into that law office and having someone assume she was there for legal aid just seemed unlikely. And wtf with her birth control? If she was on birth control before and got pregnant wouldn’t you definitely use a condom to make sure you didn’t accidentally get knocked up again? Because the only thing worse than having a baby at 22 would be to have another one at 23. Sad this series had to end on such a disappointing note. I’ll go back and re-read the Mistake just to cheer me up again ūüôā

Other things I did not like:

Why are all the characters always SO jealous?
Text speak from everyone, how come no one can use real words?!
The puck bunnies, how is everyone so obsessed with these 4 guys. Do these girls not have lives?
I’m not sure it’s realistic that these guys stop noticing other women just because they found a girl that they like…


Book 51: Racing Savannah

Book: Racing Savannah by Miranda Kennealy
Goal: 51
Rating: 1/5

Things I liked: It was compulsively readable. It has potential. Horses.

Things I didn’t like: Basically the whole book. I looked up Miranda Kennealy fully expecting her to be a 16 year old girl because there’s just something about this book that is so juvenile. Savannah’s thoughts just skip all over the place and don’t make any sense.

Some good thoughts here and more on how I felt about her writing style here.


Book 50: The Long Game

Book: The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Goal: 50
Rating: 4/5

I almost rated this 5 stars and then I remembered I wasn’t quite as enamored by the first half of the book so 4 stars it is! I thought the first half was a little too repetitive and adjective heavy. I wasn’t really sure why Ivy was investigating the terrorism plot at first but I was really engaged in Emilia’s story line and I’m glad we saw more of her. Love that she was part of the group hug at the end! But¬†holy shit, the second half of that book was intense. And Henry! I died a little inside. I hope him and Tess work it out because they’re just adorable together. Sad that the rest of the side characters didn’t have as large of a roll in this book (Adam, Bodie, Asher, etc) but I guess that was to be expected given the story line. JLB is just an excellent story teller, thinking about it now, I can see all the hints in the book but I totally glossed over all of them while reading. And I still appreciate¬†that she shows how traumatized her characters are by past events. ¬†A more spoilery review here.