Book 50: The Long Game

Book: The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Goal: 50
Rating: 4/5

I almost rated this 5 stars and then I remembered I wasn’t quite as enamored by the first half of the book so 4 stars it is! I thought the first half was a little too repetitive and adjective heavy. I wasn’t really sure why Ivy was investigating the terrorism plot at first but I was really engaged in Emilia’s story line and I’m glad we saw more of her. Love that she was part of the group hug at the end! But holy shit, the second half of that book was intense. And Henry! I died a little inside. I hope him and Tess work it out because they’re just adorable together. Sad that the rest of the side characters didn’t have as large of a roll in this book (Adam, Bodie, Asher, etc) but I guess that was to be expected given the story line. JLB is just an excellent story teller, thinking about it now, I can see all the hints in the book but I totally glossed over all of them while reading. And I still appreciate that she shows how traumatized her characters are by past events.  A more spoilery review here.

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