Book 53: Carry On

Book: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Goal: 53
Rating: …4.5/5?

Here’s the thing… most of this book is 5 stars, I just loved it, but all the extra POVs really took it down a notch for me. I found them distracting, not very helpful, and really just made me dread the sections that weren’t Simon/Baz (though, I did think the Penelope sections were ok). I loved how the spells work in this world, what a clever idea. And this time, the book didn’t make me want to read HP, it actually just made me want more Simon/Baz! I’m interested to finish the rest of HP and see how it stacks up, because right now, I’d take RR’s mystical world over JKR’s in a heartbeat. RR’s writing is so compelling and real and yet still just as magical as anything JKR writes.


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