Book 57: Best Man With Benefits

Book: Best Man with Benefits by Samanthe Beck
Goal: 57
Rating: 3

This was so close to being a 4 star read, but I thought the ending was a little too hokey, I was very bored by Logan’s work situation (especially since I  have to put up with those kinds of things at work and no way do I want to read about it in my down time) and I thought that Sophie’s insecurities came up a little too much, especially when she was too busy judging other characters. Also I thought that she was trying to force all the other characters into the book just for the sake of it. If I want to read about the other characters, I will pick up the other books. But despite all that, this was just the type of fun, enjoyable, delightful romance novel I enjoy reading! Logan was a surprisingly great, straight forward character who called Sophie on her BS. Though I was really hoping for a more original, mature resolution to the “babysit my little sister” problem since the characters were so refreshing. I really enjoyed Samanthe Beck’s writing though so I’m tempted to pick up more books from her.

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