Book 58: Hold Me

Book: Hold Me by Courtney Milan
Goal: 58
Rating: 4/5

This book wasn’t at all what I was expecting, but I really enjoyed it! I was for sure expecting her gender and his sexuality to be more of a topic of discussion. And one one hand, I’m glad it wasn’t because it shouldn’t have to be. On the other, I feel like it is an important topic and I was interested to see it play it out. And speaking of expectations… I think that maybe this book would have been better had the reader not known they were talking to each other? Or maybe I would have read it and thought “of course they are talking to each other, get to the point” but it would have been more fun to see the reveal. Oh well. I thought there was also a little bit too much drama pushed into the book, so much was happening and meanwhile,  I was perfectly happy to just sit back and watch them yell at each other and/or send flirty math texts. Looking back, I probably plowed through the book too quickly to form any sort of coherent thought on it so perhaps a reread is in order to better figure out how I feel about it. Hopefully I don’t hate it like I hated Trade Me on the re-read.

But I think I will forever have a soft spot for books where characters get to know each other via chat because that was my LIFE growing up.


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