Book 1: Us

Book: Us by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy
Rating: 1.5/5

I actually had really low expectations for this book and I only bought it because it was $0.99 and it STILL ended up being disappointing. These authors obviously aren’t avid hockey watchers, a lot of it just sounded off and some it was factually incorrect – you can’t tie an NHL game!  All the characters felt so immature and one-dimensional. I don’t know why they were all so whiny! Grow up, you’re adults, you can spend 8 days apart. And why does everyone need a pet name?! You don’t have to call each other “babe” it sounds so forced. And I still absolutely hate them referring to each other as “my boyfriend” or “my fiance” or whatever. Makes me cringe every time.  This book was so pointless and felt very reminiscent of The Understatement of the Year. Excellent thoughts here.


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