Book 6: Brutal Game

Book: Brutal Game by Cara McKenna
Rating: 3.5/5?

As expected, this book was quite unnecessary. I didn’t ever feel the need to go back and revisit Flynn and Laurel (except through rereads!) and this book didn’t change my mind. In fact, one of my favourite things about CM novels is that there isn’t usually a happily ever after forever, it’s always a happily ever after for now. That being said, it was much more emotionally intense than I was expecting and the story line actually really stuck with me, which is funny because when I first realized what the book was about, I was like good god, not this again. On the flip side, the sex scenes weren’t nearly as intense as in the previous book. And I didn’t enjoy the proposal stuff, though I get why he he was doing it. So overall, pretty mixed feelings about it.

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