Book 20: One True Loves

Book: One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Rating: 2/5

I really wanted to like this book, but I didn’t really like the characters, I didn’t like the writing style, I didn’t even like the layout of the book. I was so uninterested in the play-by-play of how Emma and Jesse got together, especially since you knew that he was going to go missing and then show up again. I really think that this book would have been much better if this was a surprise twist half way through. I liked the Sam part more because it was more interesting to see how she reacted to a someone being interested in her, but the problem was that TJR tried to cram two relationships into a short amount of book and so there was never any depth to the relationships. Actually, for a book that was supposed to be very emotional, I thought there was very depth at all. I also HATED the second person POV, I think because I didn’t at all relate to Emma it felt so forced to put myself into that exact situation. Also, I don’t know about the whole cast away story. Having just read Unbroken, how on earth was the guy able to swim to a boat? How did he actually get stronger with barely any food or water? Especially since he was gone for THREE years. I get that the rest of the story needed that amount of time, but 3 years on an Atoll in the middle of the ocean and then coming back like this? It just didn’t seem realistic.  I’m so intrigued by the ideas that TJR comes up with but I really dislike reading her books so let’s see if I can work my way up to try Maybe in Another Life.

Good review here and I basically felt the total opposite of this review haha.


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