Book 23: The Mistake

Book: The Mistake by Elle Kennedy
Rating: 5/5

To be perfectly honest, this is probably my 4th reread but only the second time I’m marking it down. Sometimes, you just need to read a well written romance novel and this was a breath of fresh air after the disaster was Bittersweet. It’s really too bad that the rest of the series isn’t as good at this one.

Book 22: Bittersweet

Book: Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen
Rating: 2/5

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t get around to reviewing this book until now because otherwise, this might have been a really nasty review. I didn’t buy a lot of the plot of this book. The whole restaurant business didn’t make sense. Why they would send an inexperienced person to Vermont as a buyer? Why would you order new equipment for cider if you didn’t have a contract? There were just so many things wrong with this book and the romance was only meh.

Sarina Bowen is officially off my to-buy list. I wavered on this since I did not like her other recent books but I gave into the good reviews for this one and was hugely disappointed. Never again.