Book 37: Mischief & Magnolias

Book: Mischief & Magnolias by Kristi Cook

As expected, this novella was disappointing. The writing and editing wasn’t as sharp as in the first book. The “plot” was silly and unnecessary.  Next time, I will just stick to the original. Lesson learned. Again.

Book 36: Magnolia

Book: Magnolia by Kristi Cook
Rating: 5/5

I bumped up the rating for this reread. I just loved the whole thing. Ryder is definitely up there on the list of best book boyfriends.

I also just found out about the sequel so as an experiment, I will read that as well. But I am not getting my hopes up!

Book 34: The Idea of You

Book: The Idea of You by Robin Lee
Rating: 4/5

I’d been in a huge book rut until this book came along. It was so readable and so enjoyable and I couldn’t put it down or stop thinking about it. The downfall was that it was a bit too long, and I got a little tired of them just travelling around the world to be locked in the bedroom for three days. And I had a few other reservations but it was such an enjoyable book that I kind of don’t care, it was nothing that took me out of the experience of reading it. And that ending was just heartbreaking.  Definitely looking out for more from Robin Lee, and maybe even more of August Moon!

This book is what I expect a Taylor Jenkins Reid book to be. This is what I expected The Heartbreakers to be. Glad I finally found a book to stand up to expectations.