Book 51: Good Girl

Book: Good Girl by Lauren Layne
Rating: 3.5/5

This book was surprisingly charming. I really enjoyed Jenny and Noah and their back and forth banter. I could always use less instalove in a Lauren Layne book but this one didn’t bother me too much. I really liked Noah’s friends and would read more of them. I didn’t love the ending but what can you do. Overall, I quite enjoyed this.

Book 50: Bad Romance

Book: Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios
Rating: 2.5/5?

I feel bad giving this a low rating, especially because I’ll Meet You There is so good. But maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy it, because I knew it could have been better. I felt so connected to IMYT and didn’t feel the same way with this book. I don’t know if it was the writing style and the use of “you”. Or if it was the rambly paragraphs, there’s some good quotes in here but you have to pick through the rest to get at it.  Her shitty home life felt a little too contrived. I didn’t understand the appeal of Gavin in the first place. As much as I talk down about Colleen Hoover books, I did like the fact that you at least understood why she was attracted to Ryle, and it was so eye opening to watch the destruction of their relationship. I didn’t get that from this book. And I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t have told Gavin’s parents she was breaking up with him if they were so good to her. And I didn’t like the addition of the other guy, it added way too much drama and I thought the book would have been better if she was thinking of leaving him because she believed in herself, not because it was for some other guy. Anyway, clearly not my cup of tea.