Book 4: Love Story

Book: Love Story by Lauren Layne
Rating: 2.5/5

I really enjoyed the first half but as the rest of the book played out, I ended up getting really annoyed at the characters. They basically could have fixed this whole thing by having a real conversation and admitting their feelings for each other instead of playing this dumb game where they think the other person isn’t interested in anything long term. And the whole thing with Abby, wtf? I did like that pet names weren’t over used which was SO refreshing. But Reece was kind of a dick overall. Why would it matter if he saw Lucy with another guy if she already saw him with Abby!? Lucy’s initial plan was to take a slow cross country drive but what was the point of that if she wasn’t making any stops along the way (other than to visit the bf). Basically this whole book was set inside seedy motels and where was the road trip?

Some good thoughts here.


Book 3: Something Real

Book: Something Real by Heather Demetrios
Rating: 5/5
Goal: Read 12 books that I already own. Progress: 2/12

Holy shit. This book. I don’t know why I didn’t love this as much the first time, but I basically cried through the entire thing reading it this time. I totally forgot what an awesome MC Chloe was and her relationship with Benny is so amazing.  While I love a no BS love interest, the relationship felt a little too mushy this time.


Book 2: The Long Game

Book: The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Rating: 4/5
Goal: Read 12 books that I already own. Progress: 1/12

Same thoughts as my earlier review of this book, the first part was a little slow but once the action started happening, I couldn’t stop reading. Henry broke my heart all over again. Have my fingers crossed that there will be a book 3 in this series.

Book 1: Foolish Hearts

Book: Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills
Rating: 3

Goal: Read 12 books that I already own. Progress: 0/12

Maybe 3.5? I’m not sure, I finished it only 4 days ago and have very little recollection of the book which is probably a bad sign. But it was enjoyable to read. I still think Emma Mills has so much potential, and I know that she can write books that absolutely amaze me, but unfortunately this wasn’t it. I want to connect a little better to her characters, and while they were interesting, I wasn’t overly invested in them. Though the dialog was spot on. And the sibling relationships were the best.

2017 Reading Summary

This felt like an underwhelming year for books. Since my discovery of BookBub I’ve ready so many crappy (free) romance novels and have started and not finished even more. In addition to that, I’ve been quite busy in my personal life not leaving a lot of time for book reading. I’d like to make it my goal for 2018 to read more and better books, but I’ve said that before so we’ll see how it goes. And maybe add back in the goal of reading books that I already own. Here’s to a better 2018!

Total Books Read: 54

Pages Read in 2017: 17,993

Average Rating: 3.3 (this was actually much higher than I was expecting)

5 star: 8 books (15%) (all but one was a reread so this feels like cheating)
4 star: 14 books (26%)
3 star: 19 books (35%)
2 star: 10 books (19%)
1 star: 3 books (6%)


Young Adult – 10 (19%)
Adult – 5 (9%)
Romance/New Adult –26 (48%)
Non-Fiction  – 2 (4%)
Reread – 11 (20%)


I took out source this year. I didn’t feel as relevant because I stopped impulse buying books (downloading free ones doesn’t count). But I will add back in to read 12 books that I already own for next year because I need to get better at that.

Favorite books read in 2017 (first reads only):

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Rebecca Skloot
Julie James (FBI/US Attorney Series)
The Female of the Species – Mindy McGinnis
Vicarious – Paula Stokes

Honorable Mention:

The Idea of You – Robin Lee
When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi

# of books read each month:

January – 4
February – 5
March – 4
April – 8
May – 3
June – 4
July – 3
August – 2
September – 6
October – 10
November – 3
December – 2

If it weren’t for all the Julie James books I read this year, I probably wouldn’t have even hit my 50 book goal!

Book 54: Withering Hope

Book: Withering Hope by Layla Hagen
Rating: 1.5?/5

What to say about this book… I was on the fence about 10% into the book and thought that maybe it would pick up once the romance started, but it didn’t. The “romance” aspect was a big flop. There was no sexual tension and their whole relationship was meh. And the book itself was meh, the writing was awkward, especially the dialog which was written very factual. The whole thing was just a little too implausible and didn’t have a good enough romance for me to put that aside.

Good thoughts here.

Edit: And that epilogue – blech. It was just too cheesy.