2017 Reading Summary

This felt like an underwhelming year for books. Since my discovery of BookBub I’ve ready so many crappy (free) romance novels and have started and not finished even more. In addition to that, I’ve been quite busy in my personal life not leaving a lot of time for book reading. I’d like to make it my goal for 2018 to read more and better books, but I’ve said that before so we’ll see how it goes. And maybe add back in the goal of reading books that I already own. Here’s to a better 2018!

Total Books Read: 54

Pages Read in 2017: 17,993

Average Rating: 3.3 (this was actually much higher than I was expecting)

5 star: 8 books (15%) (all but one was a reread so this feels like cheating)
4 star: 14 books (26%)
3 star: 19 books (35%)
2 star: 10 books (19%)
1 star: 3 books (6%)


Young Adult – 10 (19%)
Adult – 5 (9%)
Romance/New Adult –26 (48%)
Non-Fiction  – 2 (4%)
Reread – 11 (20%)


I took out source this year. I didn’t feel as relevant because I stopped impulse buying books (downloading free ones doesn’t count). But I will add back in to read 12 books that I already own for next year because I need to get better at that.

Favorite books read in 2017 (first reads only):

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Rebecca Skloot
Julie James (FBI/US Attorney Series)
The Female of the Species – Mindy McGinnis
Vicarious – Paula Stokes

Honorable Mention:

The Idea of You – Robin Lee
When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi

# of books read each month:

January – 4
February – 5
March – 4
April – 8
May – 3
June – 4
July – 3
August – 2
September – 6
October – 10
November – 3
December – 2

If it weren’t for all the Julie James books I read this year, I probably wouldn’t have even hit my 50 book goal!


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