Book 4: Love Story

Book: Love Story by Lauren Layne
Rating: 2.5/5

I really enjoyed the first half but as the rest of the book played out, I ended up getting really annoyed at the characters. They basically could have fixed this whole thing by having a real conversation and admitting their feelings for each other instead of playing this dumb game where they think the other person isn’t interested in anything long term. And the whole thing with Abby, wtf? I did like that pet names weren’t over used which was SO refreshing. But Reece was kind of a dick overall. Why would it matter if he saw Lucy with another guy if she already saw him with Abby!? Lucy’s initial plan was to take a slow cross country drive but what was the point of that if she wasn’t making any stops along the way (other than to visit the bf). Basically this whole book was set inside seedy motels and where was the road trip?

Some good thoughts here.


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