Books 7 & 8: Canton 1 & 2

Books: One & Only and Sweet & Wild by Viv Daniels
Rating: 4/5, 1.5?/5

I’m glad that I re-read One & Only first. It was such an adorable and charming book! And I was 100% on board until the last part where they were actually a couple and then it was like Tess & Dylan can’t live without each other which was kind of weird because Tess was such an great independent character to begin with. The part that made this book interesting was the will-they-won’t-they of the situation. And that amazing tension between Tess and Dylan wasn’t in Sweet & Wild between Hannah & Boone. Sweet & Wild was so disappointing in comparison. It was dull, predicable, and so full of the same NA tropes it was almost unreadable. Hannah was so uninteresting, and was so shallow and spoiled. I wish she was more relate able since this is a situation many people find them selves in. What’s with her awful friends? And that weird double date. And I don’t even want to think about this book anymore, it makes me so annoyed.

Book 6: Opal

Book: Opal by Maggie Stiefvater
Rating: 2.5?/5

Disappointing. I was expecting the magical world from the Raven Cycle and this just didn’t deliver. It was boring and I didn’t enjoy Opal’s POV. I wanted more of the characters I loved.

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