Book 45: Suddenly One Summer

Book: Suddenly One Summer by Julie James
Rating: 4/5

I loved this. I loved that Victoria had some flaws other than “my last significant other cheated on me and now I don’t want to commit to anyone”. I thought she was such a real character. And Ford was a great love interest, I really liked him in Brooke’s book and was glad to see him back. I thought his relationship with his friends was charming and I was glad to see Brooke make some cameos but where was Cade? If we’re going to have book cameos, at least give one to Cade. I would love to see more spin offs of reporters sinc Colin in Cameron’s book also worked for a newspaper and he was the best.

My only issue was that I desperately wanted Ford to stay with her that night after her panic attack. And while him leaving resulted in the Epilogue of them going to therapy to work on their issues, I just really wanted this story to be different. There’s always a misunderstanding over how they really feel at the end of a Julie James book and for once I just wanted Ford to put his foot down and be like “No. I’m not leaving. Despite whatever else is happening, we’re friends and if I have to sit outside your door to make sure you are ok, I will.” Because to me, nothing is more romantic than the guy NOT giving up on the girl.


Book 44: A Lot Like Love

Book: A Lot Like Love by Julie James
Rating: 3/5

I wanted to like this book more. I didn’t really love either of the characters and I thought the ending with them going away to Napa was a little cheesy. I also really dislike the extra POV from Xander and I’m glad that James finally does away with that in the next book.  I also think the “I Love You”s happened way too quickly. I’m totally ok with the the MCs just being together and not declaring their love for each other after only two weeks. Overall, not my favourite JJ book but definitely better than Sexiest Man Alive which I didn’t even bother finishing.

Book 43: It Happened One Wedding

Book: It Happened One Wedding by Julie James
Rating: 4/5

I quite liked Vaughn in the other books so I was excited to see him have his own. I thought that the first part focused too heavily on Simon and Isabelle and I wish it had focused more on Vaughn’s undercover work and maybe should have thrown in more angst with Sindey’s job instead of the wedding drama. I really loved Vaughn’s family, they were just adorable.

Book 42: Something About You

Book: Something About You by Julie James
Rating: 3.5/5

This book started off weaker than the other Julie James books I’ve read but finished pretty strong. I didn’t like the extra POV of the bad buy and there was a little bit too much showing of the trial she was on early in the book. I’m glad that she took those parts out of her later books.

4 down and 5 left to go on Julie James novels! And I thought I was going to have a hard time hitting 50 books this year 🙂

Book 39: Love Irresistibly

Book: Love Irresistibly by Julie James
Rating: 4/5

I knew from the previous book that I would love Cade and I wasn’t wrong. Brooke was a great main character as well and I loved their chemistry together.  The thing with Cade’s dad felt a bit rushed a the end but that was really my only complaint.