The Collector by Victoria Scott

The Collector by Victoria Scott


You know when you’re reading a book and there’s nothing wrong with it but you just have a feeling that it’s not going to get any better? And you just finished the most amazing book and you have other really exciting prospects lined up? And you’ve hit page 150 and nothing really exciting has happened and you kind of want to keep reading to finish it but you get that other feeling that you’re just not going to get anything out of this book?

Since I hit my annual goal of 52 books/year I think I stopped feeling the need to pump up that number with quick, though not very enjoyable, reads. So now that I’m far past 52, I think that I’ve just decided not to waste my time on books that I’m not getting anything out of.

I really enjoyed the first part of this book. I started it on a lazy Sunday afternoon and before I knew it, I was already on page 60. I was having fun. Dante Walker was a really enjoyable character to me, he was funny, charming, and so cocky it made me laugh out loud. But then I kinda felt like I knew where this story was going. Dante starts to warm up to Charlie and blah blah blah. Everything felt really cliché. When he takes her out to party, he expects her to walk down the stairs in spectacular She’s All That fashion.


And then he keeps focusing on how not pretty she is and how to change her to make her beautiful and I stopped reading.

I can see why people liked this book, and if it was at the beginning of the year, I’d probably slog through it for a 3 star rating but…