Book 14: Prima Donna

Book: Prima Donna by Laura Drewry
Rating: 3.5/5

This was exactly what I expected it to be – which is a good thing! It was a little tropey, and I didn’t like the insta loveyness from Carter and the few weird macho comments. But the story flowed well and Reegan and Carter were both interesting and their relationship progressed at a realistic pace.

Book 13: Plain Jayne

Book: Plain Jayne by Laura Drewry
Rating: 2.5/5

This book had lots of potential but it was too long and drawn out. I also didn’t really like Nick as a love interest. I did, however, really like Carter so I’m going to read the next book and hope that it’s a little more to the point. Some good thoughts here and here. Also, the resolution with her Grandma? So weird.

Book 12: I Wish You Were Mine

Book: I Wish You Were Mine by Lauren Layne
Rating: 1.5/5

I really disliked the first half of this but it grew on me (slightly) once the rest of the group showed up. The book was a little boring and it felt like Madison was created as a villain so Jackson and Mollie had an excuse to get together. Glad I waited until this (finally) came to the library instead of purchasing it. For some reason, I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like it and I was right! Good thoughts here and here.

Book 7: Leviathan Wakes

Book: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey
Rating: 4/5

This book was surprisingly easy to read! I expect scifi to be bogged down in details but this one wasn’t. I do like the TV show a little bit more than the book simply because Naomi, Alex and Amos were fleshed out much better in the TV show. But I’m ready to read on to see what happens past the show.