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Book 57: Best Man With Benefits

Book: Best Man with Benefits by Samanthe Beck
Goal: 57
Rating: 3

This was so close to being a 4 star read, but I thought the ending was a little too hokey, I was very bored by Logan’s work situation (especially since I  have to put up with those kinds of things at work and no way do I want to read about it in my down time) and I thought that Sophie’s insecurities came up a little too much, especially when she was too busy judging other characters. Also I thought that she was trying to force all the other characters into the book just for the sake of it. If I want to read about the other characters, I will pick up the other books. But despite all that, this was just the type of fun, enjoyable, delightful romance novel I enjoy reading! Logan was a surprisingly great, straight forward character who called Sophie on her BS. Though I was really hoping for a more original, mature resolution to the “babysit my little sister” problem since the characters were so refreshing. I really enjoyed Samanthe Beck’s writing though so I’m tempted to pick up more books from her.

Book 56: The Hating Game

Book: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
Goal: 56
Rating: 4/5

I really did not enjoy the first part of the book and I almost gave it up, but I’m glad I didn’t! The writing suffered from a little bit of purple pose at the beginning but once they started interacting a little more outside of the office, it mostly fell away (or I just stopped noticing). I ended up really loving Joshua, he became such an interesting character and I loved that he was thankful and not upset about Lucy defending him at the end. And I love that he’s basically a big dork on the inside despite outward appearances. I feel like I should have liked Lucy a bit more since I am also short and a chronic people pleaser but I think being too far into her head made her less endearing to me. But overall, I thought it was a breath of fresh air for chick lit romance!

Book 55: Landline

Book: Landline by Rainbow Rowell
Goal: 55
Rating: 5/5


All rational thinking went out the window in the rating of this book. Logically, it’s nothing very impressive, however emotionally it was such an impactful book for me. It’s totally relateable how Georgie and Neal end up in this situation, and I desperately wanted them to be ok. For some reason I’m fascinated by books with rocky marriages but I find that so few of them are done right. This one was.

Book 54: Dance With Me

Book: Dance With Me by Heidi Cullinan
Goal: 54
Rating: 2/5, maybe 2.5/5

Basically this.

I wasn’t quite as grossed out because it was made pretty clear that his godfather played a very small role in his life until he came out and then he was only involved enough to try and pressure Laurie into sexual situations. Which yes, weird, but less icky than previously thought.


Book 53: Carry On

Book: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Goal: 53
Rating: …4.5/5?

Here’s the thing… most of this book is 5 stars, I just loved it, but all the extra POVs really took it down a notch for me. I found them distracting, not very helpful, and really just made me dread the sections that weren’t Simon/Baz (though, I did think the Penelope sections were ok). I loved how the spells work in this world, what a clever idea. And this time, the book didn’t make me want to read HP, it actually just made me want more Simon/Baz! I’m interested to finish the rest of HP and see how it stacks up, because right now, I’d take RR’s mystical world over JKR’s in a heartbeat. RR’s writing is so compelling and real and yet still just as magical as anything JKR writes.


Book 52: The Goal

Book: The Goal by Elle Kennedy
Goal: 52
Rating: 2/5

The last part of this book was probably a 0 star read but the first bit was decent…. So definitely not a glowing review. First of all, I think Kennedy did a huge disservice by spoiling the pregnancy in the last book. It meant I spent the entire first half of the book just waiting for it to happen and there was no suspense at all when she decided if she was going to keep the baby or not. Clearly, she does. The rest of the conflict between them felt like Kennedy was just checking off boxes and throwing in some drama. The stuff with her stepdad, the drama with Tuck’s mom, her Nana’s personality was all over the place.  I’ve never had a baby but all of that just felt SO wrong. It took waaaaay too long for Sabrina to come around and finally commit to Tucker. I was hoping Tucker wouldn’t be as much of a player as everyone else in this book, only because it seems like an unoriginal story line at this point. How is is that everyone has had a threesome? This series has become a stereotypical college experience. I was pretty neutral on the first half of this book, and then it focused on the pregnancy/baby and just…No. It was awful and I almost stopped reading. I was tired of the pity party for Sabrina. I hardly think she would have looked like a crack addict walking into that law office and having someone assume she was there for legal aid just seemed unlikely. And wtf with her birth control? If she was on birth control before and got pregnant wouldn’t you definitely use a condom to make sure you didn’t accidentally get knocked up again? Because the only thing worse than having a baby at 22 would be to have another one at 23. Sad this series had to end on such a disappointing note. I’ll go back and re-read the Mistake just to cheer me up again🙂

Other things I did not like:

Why are all the characters always SO jealous?
Text speak from everyone, how come no one can use real words?!
The puck bunnies, how is everyone so obsessed with these 4 guys. Do these girls not have lives?
I’m not sure it’s realistic that these guys stop noticing other women just because they found a girl that they like…


Book 51: Racing Savannah

Book: Racing Savannah by Miranda Kennealy
Goal: 51
Rating: 1/5

Things I liked: It was compulsively readable. It has potential. Horses.

Things I didn’t like: Basically the whole book. I looked up Miranda Kennealy fully expecting her to be a 16 year old girl because there’s just something about this book that is so juvenile. Savannah’s thoughts just skip all over the place and don’t make any sense.

Some good thoughts here and more on how I felt about her writing style here.


Book 50: The Long Game

Book: The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Goal: 50
Rating: 4/5

I almost rated this 5 stars and then I remembered I wasn’t quite as enamored by the first half of the book so 4 stars it is! I thought the first half was a little too repetitive and adjective heavy. I wasn’t really sure why Ivy was investigating the terrorism plot at first but I was really engaged in Emilia’s story line and I’m glad we saw more of her. Love that she was part of the group hug at the end! But holy shit, the second half of that book was intense. And Henry! I died a little inside. I hope him and Tess work it out because they’re just adorable together. Sad that the rest of the side characters didn’t have as large of a roll in this book (Adam, Bodie, Asher, etc) but I guess that was to be expected given the story line. JLB is just an excellent story teller, thinking about it now, I can see all the hints in the book but I totally glossed over all of them while reading. And I still appreciate that she shows how traumatized her characters are by past events.  A more spoilery review here.

Book 49: Betrayls

Book: Betrayals by Kelley Armstrong
Goal: 49
Rating: 3/5

Sadly, I’m starting to fall out of love with Kelley Armstrong. Or her editor. She really needs someone to tell her to cut to the chase. Too much love triangle. Too much Liv misinterpreting Gabriel’s thoughts/emotions/etc. Basically, there is too much of Liv thinking in this book, too much useless thoughts and dialog. I actually found her pretty annoying.  I don’t enjoy the fae story line/mystery. I find it confusing because I always forget what is going on in between books. But I did like that there were more Ricky/Gabriel POVs, they were infinitely more interesting to me than Liv in this book. And Ricky… I just love Ricky. But I hope that the next book is the last one because I’m tired of this series.

Some good thoughts here.


And some notes on editing because I thought this book could have been about 100 pages shorter.


Book 48: Jurassic Park

Book: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
Goal: 48
Rating: 3/5

I’ll just say it: the move was better. The movie will always have a special place in my heart and I tried to keep an open mind on the book, but it just wasn’t as good. The writing was clunky. I thought the characters were better developed in the movie, especially the female characters. I didn’t find it very suspenseful and I didn’t have any investment in who lived and who died. But maybe I read a different book than everyone else because all the goodreads reviews say it’s amazing.

And totally wondering about Q1.2 here.